one system. all devices. from scratch.

laptop, cloud, pad and phone.

k uses no libraries and about 10 linux syscalls. (or a separate kernel)
z is k+graphics. maps framebuffer and opens input devices. (replaces X/cocoa) 

k includes language, files, procs, ipc, webserver, dbms, ..
z includes graphics, requires $.zip (apps, fonts, icons, ..)

z programs can be very short, e.g. the most popular linux editors are

 vim   with 2MB code + X/...(40MB) +
 gedit with 3MB code + X/...(50MB) +

edit.k is 1KB code + k/ztk(9KB).

run z in linux virtual terminal or under qemu.

 kernel(keyboard, console, paging), language(k), database(kDB), graphics,..
 applications: edit term file

 files, procs, tcp/ip, usb, ..
 zip, jpg, png, mail, html, ..